36 year old wanting to get into web development

I know I’m probably late into the game but I really want to get into web developement. Just wanting help to knowing which languages should I learn and which one I should start with.

@joeyraymundo87724890 my friend, it is never too late to acquire a new skill!
When it comes to web development it is always a good idea to start with JavaScript. If you are considering paying for the Pro membership here on codecademy, there is plenty of content to get you both started and comfortable with developing.
There is for example the Front-End Engineer Path which will take you through everything from HTML and CSS to the JavaScript framework React.

So, the short version:
Assuming you have little to no experience with programming - start with JS, HTML and CSS. These are the foundations for most websites you will see.
If you wish to consume some content off-platform, there is a massive amount of content on YouTube and a flurry of articles to read on these topics.

I hope it helps and happy coding! :slight_smile:


I’d agree with vincent above. HTML, CSS and Javascript are probably the best starting points. They should give you a good foundation on which to build.

Don’t worry about being late. These things aren’t going away, so having some knowledge of what’s going on under the hood is only going to be a benefit going forward.

p.s. I’m 47, you young whippersnapper.

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Thank you @vincentb.e. I am actually starting with HTML. Thank you for the advice though. Much appreciated!

Thank you as well @pluginmaybe! Like I said I’m starting with HTML and work my way to CSS and Javascript. This whippersnapper is on his way!

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Great idea.
I’m sure you will encounter it eventually, but w3schools and MDN Webdocs have documentation and examples for all things HTML. These tools are great to have if you want to dive a little further into a specific type of element or if you want to explore the language. MDN can sometimes be a little technical and therefore hard to understand, but it does provide a lot of invaluable knowledge!

Good luck!

I am 41:) Not too late.