34% Step 3



What is your actual question?
With cd[space][name of directory] you change the directory. . is the name of the current directory and .. the name of the one above so cd .. would bring you to the directory that contains action/whereas cd.. cd .. somethingandcd ..something,to sometingor justsomethingwill simply fail.cd ../actionwould be pointless but ok, meaning you are in action go on up and then go to the action directory there. Also mv and cp go likemv[space]sourceFile[space][target directory]. Where the [] just indicate different parts and must not be written. Obviously after you moved something it's no longer there, therefore you get the error on trying to mv superman.txt again or to just use the name. Hope this helps a bit.

At this point I'd press reset and just use cd super and then press tab for autocompletion :smile:


Thank you for the help. I appreciate it.