Dot notation, with ObjectName.PropertyName

Bracket notation, with ObjectName["PropertyName"] (don't forget the quotes!)

In the editor, we have brought back our snoopy object, with a species and age property.

Hi Im stuck here dunno what I did wrong ? help?

var snoopy = new Object();
snoopy.species = "beagle";
snoopy.age = 10;

// save Snoopy's age and species into variables
// use dot notation for snoopy's species
var age = ["snoopy.age"];
var species = snoopy.species;

Oops, try again. It looks like you didn't save snoopy's age into age!


snoopy is the object instance. It is not written in the subscript.



Thannnnk u member of the programming community. Thanks a lot.


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