30 days is a breeze when

Figured I would give a little PSA and try to turn some of you on to habit trackers. I don’t have to think about anything when I’m using mine. Every day I have a list set up that I check off with the most vital things I need to accomplish on a regular basis. I have implemented regular Yoga, Language learning, Coding, Exercise, and other more general life habits very easily since I began using a habit tracker.

Personally I use Habitica (App and in browser) which is a gamified version of habit tracking that gives you xp for doing tasks that levels an RPG style character with a chosen class. I think many who are involved in coding would like this platform especially for a challenge like this.

My goal is to accrue an absurd daily record and, more deeply, to be ready for a career as soon as humanly possible.


Thanks for sharing this. I also need to change my habits… get so far and fail every single time. I will give this app a try :blush:

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Thanks for sharing this, going to check it out ASAP

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Personally, I’m using https://forestapp.cc/. This application doesn’t allow me to distract myself while I want to work on something important. Check it out. You might find it useful!

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Haven’t tried this one yet! Looking forward to giving it a whirl. Eventually, I’d like to create my own idealized habit tracker as a project. All the more insight the better!

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Awesome. Let me know how that goes! :slightly_smiling_face:

will check this app asap. thanks

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I just made an account and I absolutely love the format on there. If y’all wanna add me to a party so we can keep one another accountable, then my name on there is @ Aleckzander !! I look forward to utilising this during my current 30 Days Challenge :slight_smile:


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Really glad you got yourself started! I hope you’re getting as much out of it as I did. Lately, I’ve been testing other habit trackers in preparation for making my own so I’ve been pulling away from Habitica for stretches of time. I hope you find a really good party though!

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Just completed my 30 day streak and am at 34% complete on the front end web development career path. This is my second online course. I came from Skillcrush and came away from it feeling like I was probably still a long shot from getting a real career going. Codecademy is significantly less expensive and in definitely more robust.

Going through the career path everything up to this point has been mostly review mixed in with learning the concepts on a deeper level all while upgrading and fine tuning the portfolio I created while going through the Skillcrush course.

Click here to see my portfolio so far. Soon I will be adding new JavaScript projects into the examples as I create them with the Codecademy courses. I’m falling in love with JavaScript quickly.

Hope those of you that tried habit trackers have been finding them useful!