30 day challenge

Hi there am Jackson, I have just started the 30 day challenge and I really hope for the best


hi @digital4302812258 all of the best in your goal :muscle:

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Awesome have fun with it! I completed mine last week, and it was really cool to look back on how much I learned in 30 days. What are you learning here?


Thank you very much for your encouragement

Thank you very much for your encouragement. I am learning web development.

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Cool, I think I want to jump into that next. I’m currently learning the Computer Science career path

Today I’m learning about inheritance and polymorphism in Python

I also have not done python but I really look forward to do it next.

Hello friends, currently on day 2 of the challenge today. Hope everyone is enjoying these fun tasks as much AS I AM

Am also on my 5th day and enjoying the coding journey too!!

Wish you the best luck! I’m now in my 17th days of the challenge, and I feel better as learning is mostly exciting experience for me. Hopefully you can do whatever you want.

Thank you very much. Indeed that it true.

My guys the Force with You! We can do it :+1:

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Day 18: just started magic 8ball js project :smiley:
I wish i could spend more time per day on learning.

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It is very possible keep on with the challenge