30-DAY Challenge

Hello pple! My name is Abdul and I just started the 30 day challenge!


Good luck Abdul! A little bit every day goes a long way.


Thank You!-Very excited to have a schedule calendar reminder everyday & also will try asking questions on here.

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Using this platform to become more familiar with Python + use the concepts of Python & OOP to improve my code in other languages. Thanks!


Great! It’s really applicable to so many other languages it’s really worth it to know it well :slight_smile:

Hi everybody! My name is (name withheld by myself lol) and I just started the 30-day Challenge! I just found out about it and i think it will help me be consistent with coding and learning JavaScript.

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Welp, this was a day. I learned some things about functions, which are just bigger variables, but BIGGER (:stuck_out_tongue:) And thats about it.

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Ready, Set, Here I GO! Going to have a working understanding machine learning.

Hi everyone
My name is Ayaan and i started the 30 day challenge

Awesome! Good luck @ayaan753luck

Thanks @irlfede
I appreciate it