30 day challenge = DONE

Hi all, I’m super glad to complete the 30-day challenge today. My goal was to learn React library but had to master Javascript and Git along the way. I practiced programming for more than 5 hrs, each day without fail. :grinning:

If you get some time, please check out my recent GitHub repos with Netlify and GitHub page deployments. To challenge myself a bit further, I only used functional components in all the projects.

I’m cruising on to Front End career path now. Wish me luck and cheers to you all! :rocket:


Wow, you achieved so much! Congratulations!

May I say, you truly inspired me to work harder towards my coding goals. Thank you.

Best of luck on the Front End career path!


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I can’t update the post, but I’ve changed my GitHub username so the link in the original post is broken. Anyone interested can check it out here.

Since I’m looking for more practice with React, these days I’m working on the 15 React project series available on FreeCodeCamp.

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