30-Day Challenge Complete - Looking Back & to the Future


I’ve just completed my second 30-Day Challenge, and I’m currently on a 63-day streak. I’ll sign up for another 30-Day Challenge as soon as it’s available tomorrow.

The past 30 days have been very encouraging and productive for me. Some highlights:

  • Finished the Web Development Career Path that I began when I first joined Codecademy

  • Completed the Pass the Technical Interview with JavaScript Skill Path

  • Completed the recently updated React content (unit on function components and Hooks, along with the projects, etc.)

  • Took a short “break” to complete the Create Video Games with Phaser.js Skill Path

  • Helped in the forums as often as I could

I’ve had a lot of fun on the journey so far, and I know there are good things on the horizon. Some of the things I’m looking forward to on my next 30-Day Challenge are the upcoming changes to the Web Development Career Path being released in the near future. I’m going to do my best to complete the new paths while I have access.

Many thanks to Codecademy for giving me the opportunity to learn, improve, and challenge myself. Much love to the community for helping me stay focused and engaged!


How did you find the updated React content? It’s on my list to go back to it, as once I got my head around how React worked (it took me a little while) and it clicked into place I rather liked it. :slight_smile:

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I actually loved the updated React content. In my opinion, they did a very good job of building on the knowledge already provided in the other lessons. For example, instead of just throwing up lessons that focused entirely on the use of Hooks by themselves, there were exercises that had the learners converting from a Class-based Component, with working code side-by-side. They demonstrated the Lifecycle feature differences in each of them.

My experience with the updated React content is one of the reasons I’m looking forward to the changes in the Web Development Career Path that I mentioned. There are many things listed in the news article that I’m interested in learning, such as Redux.