3.Wrap with a div! from make a website!


I don't know what I do wrong with this?
When I type Save & Submit code he says place both ul elements in between opening div and closing /div.


Could you post your code please?

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <div class="nav">
   <div class="container">
	<ul><li>Sign Up</li><li>Log In</li> <li>Help</li></ul>


Your code is not completely visible, to make it visible, select all of your code in the post editor, and type CTRL/CMD + K, or put a blank line and three backticks above and below your code like below:

#this code is visible!


your unordered list should be inside the container, also wrong forum


oooooh sorry I'm new here so but which unordered list?


both of the unordered lists


And how do you do that?


you cut the unordered lists, and past them between the div? If you don't know this, i recommend the html + css course, not make a website. Pick up make a website later


oke thank you very much!