3. What is the terminal?


i dont know what the terminal is??


The terminal looks like this:

It is an environment that lets you type commands -- in this course you will be using the usual file system commands like cd and ls, you will be installing Jekyll from the command line, as well as issuing Git and Jekyll commands.

If you aren't familiar with the terminal you should really do the two recommended courses first.

Note: We'll make extensive use of the command line and Git in this course. If you need to review, check out the corresponding Codecademy courses:

Learn the Command Line

Learn Git



I can't see the command line. I just see a box terminal. Basically, the screen doesn't let me type the instructions given.




I have the same problem. I don't have any zone where I could type something. I'mr using Firefox 46.0.1 and Windows 10.
Here's a screenshot.

Thank you.


Yeah, I have the same issue too

EDIT: Don't worry guys, I fixed it by just refreshing the page :slight_smile:
Hope it helps you guys out!


Refreshing the page worked.

Thank you!