3. User Migration

Open the migration file in db/migrate/ for the users table and add:

a string column called first_name
a string column called last_name
a string column called email
a string column called password_digest

How do you open that and what is what is a string column?

First you go to db, then migrate, then click the table you want.

You’ll add a column like this:

def change
    create_table :USERS do |t|
      t.string :COLUMNNAME

Whoever wrote this should’ve thrown a SyntaxError. I had tabs between the t.string and “:COLUMN”

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Hey I did the same thing t.string :COLUMNNAMEthat needed to be added and I still get an error from the system, which I know I added everything correctly on my end. There is an error with the system.