3. the code works but it won't let me pass



It seems to work perfectly, but it keeps giving me this error. What can I do?

Oops, try again. It looks like your speak method doesn't properly take in a single argument and output the correct string.

var james = {
    job: "programmer",
    married: false,
    speak: function(mood) {
        console.log("Hello, I am feeling", mood);

james.speak("just okay");


HI this line

console.log("Hello, I am feeling", mood);

instead of ,


you should put +


it better that you add a space after feeling like that

console.log("Hello, I am feeling " + mood);

so that it will print

Hello, I am feeling great
Hello, I am feeling just okay

instead of

Hello, I am feelinggreat
Hello, I am feelingjust okay


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