3.Stuck on Bash Profile..seems like a BUG


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i guess thats just another bug as you can see i havent done anything wrong

Gets difficult to find mistakes when you start with the assumption that you haven’t.

Ive already checked Q&A forum before jst not come to any conclusion, I said i “guess” not certainly or something
if you know the true codes say it please since some people need it
thanks in advance

just stuck on step 2 and dont know what to do else .you can see my codes in image but i cant pass this step

This is the sort of bug that you will spend plenty of your time fixing as you learn to watch for details.

There isn’t a lot of code there to hide it in but since you are stuck, I’ll give you the hint that you should check on how you’ve used quotation marks.

thank you for your advice or hint however as i said i was right , i even check the spaces as well
dont know why but i passed the exercise by Chrome , not working on Mozila at all…

omg i didnt see that double quotation
but i did this exercise several times
in the screenshot i jst typed quotation mark two times but other times i printed it true im sure

if you dont believe me you can jst see other topics about exactly this step of the exercise “bash profile” :grin:

Other people asking similar things can just as well be an indication of that they too made mistakes. You’re spending energy on the claim that you did it right instead of looking for what might be wrong. People make mistakes. I make mistakes all the time. We fix them and learn from them.

Ahaha :joy: i got your point man thanks: but that was just a very simple code ! I was totally sure

are you ok with this title : Am i doing any mistake or just a BUG? ?

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