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div class="col-xs-3" /div

div class="col-md-3" /div


Just wondering what was the difference between using the two above. I removed the <>s to make it visible as I couldn't. Thanks



Please leave one blank line above of the code you want to show us,
and then add 4-spaces in-front of this code...
Please try it....as now we do not see the HTML-code...


Woops, thanks for that!


@tyoungg We still can't see your code. Check the preview to the right of where you type as you edit your code to make it visible; if you can't see it, neither can we :wink:


Can't you? I can? they just removed the < > parts but I can see what he's asking.

They're asking the difference between

<div class="col-xs-3" </div>

<div class="col-md-3" </div>


Those classes are used
in a Bootstrap environment.
Have a read through......
++ bootstrap
We now have .col-xs (phones), .col-sm (tablets), .col-md (desktops), and .col-lg (large desktops).

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