3. Put Logic in a Render Function, step 4


I have the below code in the editor, and I am getting the following error:

should contain {friend.title}.
I don't understand why I am getting this error, please help me.

var React = require('react');
var ReactDOM = require('react-dom')

var friends = [
    title: "Yummmmmmm",
    src: "https://s3.amazonaws.com/codecademy-content/courses/React/react_photo-monkeyweirdo.jpg"
    title: "Hey Guys!  Wait Up!",
    src: "https://s3.amazonaws.com/codecademy-content/courses/React/react_photo-earnestfrog.jpg"
    title: "Yikes",
    src: "https://s3.amazonaws.com/codecademy-content/courses/React/react_photo-alpaca.jpg"

// New component class starts here:
var Friend = React.createClass({
	render: function () {
    var friend = friends[1];
  	return (


It's the bug in their website. I accepted the helping code they offer and it didn't help anyways. Error message is still there. If they won't fix it... then I dunno...


Thanks anyway, I will report the bug in their website so it gets fixed. :slight_smile:


I'm having the same issue. I wish there were a way to continue past the bugged lesson while being made to complete it before finishing the class.


Bug is still open. GG Codecademy.

It's pretty bad not to allow people to skip exercises especially if they are buggy.


Yo!! I'm having the same issue as well!!

But someone named @royracer, found a solution. He states that you have to change...

var friend = friends[1] OR var friend = friends[2]


var friend = friends[0] and it will let you pass!!

Apparently there's a bug of some type. Really hope this works for everyone else because this one was very excruciating for me!! LoL. But friends[1] will always sound most appealing to me, regardless. :grinning:


Changing to frends[0] worked for me too! Thanks guys.

However, it seems to be an old bug. I've seen posts about it from September... I wonder when it'll be fixed. :neutral_face:


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