3. New Neighbors Help



What are we meant to add ? and how??



Write an assignment statement that will replace the item that currently holds the value "tiger" with another animal (as a string). It can be any animal you like.

What is the index position for "tiger" in the zoo_animals list? Once you determine that, just follow the example given on line 6 when writing your code on line 10.


i get the error
Oops, try again. The tiger is still at index 3! Assign a new value to this index.


My Code

zoo_animals = ["pangolin", "cassowary", "sloth", "tiger"]

Last night our zoo's sloth brutally attacked

the poor tiger and ate it whole.

The ferocious sloth has been replaced by a friendly hyena.

zoo_animals[2] = "hyena"

What shall fill the void left by our dear departed tiger?

Your code here!

zoo_animals[3] = "tiger"