3. Need some help


I have the same issue - did you ever figure out how to fix this?

Exercise 3 is broken

Hi @jhidas,

Please post a screenshot of your web page with what you've tried and your error showing.


Here is a screenshot. I will say that after a few times of doing this, I got a popup offering help, and was able to fetch the code. However, I am not sure where the contacts schema came from.


I'm not sure about that either. I would suggest that you put in a bug report so that the authors of the course know that there is something confusing going on there.


Okay, I just submitted another report (the first was about my other issue). Any idea why the error message appeared?


Thanks for taking the time to submit the report.

I don't know why that error would be showing up. I'm quite certain that it didn't do that back when I first went through this course. It could be that something has been changed, maybe to fix another problem, but that fix had some unintended consequences. You'll learn all about that when you start writing your own programs :smile:


I hadn't done this course so I did the exercises up until this one just now and just pressed Run and got accepted. The table is still there from previous exercises, it should have been deleted.

Might be a good idea to overwrite that already existing table since it already has values in it.

DROP TABLE celebs;


Thank you, it works :wink:


Yeah, this is a good way to solve it. But it might be confusing for beginners, because they haven't learned how to delete a table.
Or maybe it is possible to change the description in the exercises and name the table differently.


This issue still repros. ionatan's workaround of dropping the table prior to creating the table is what I did.


Got the same issue as well, it was solved after clicking "Run" a few times and then "Get Code"... Submitted a bug report anyway :slight_smile:


This lesson has not introduced the DROP statement- This lesson has a minor flaw that keeps the user guessing.