3. Jumbotron - why do I have to chose .container?


Can some one explain why do I have to chose .container here as well, why is .jumbotron not enough? And why are some div-classes have div-containers (such as nav and jumbotron) but the div-class "learn-more" does not have a div-container?

It says:
Make a new CSS rule that selects the <div class="container">..</div> inside <div class="jumbotron">..</div>. Check out the example above.



I have the same exact question. Can anyone explain this?


It will by the time you are finished this course. You will be adding it soon.

Having a container div will help you target your content without affecting the parent div.

When you are coding on your own projects you can choose to use them or not. At that point you will have a feel for whether they will help get the job done.


jumbotron is nesting the image as well that's why you need to specify that you only want to select whatever is in container only, and not the whole jumbotron class.