3. Jumbotron - Change the position to relative


so what is it that we should?

CSS Layout ; change the li elements from being block elements to inline elements

Please give us more details.


forget it i figured it out, the admin should take notice of the type error. cause it causes confusion. thanks by the way.


If you tell me about this type error, I will pass it on.


cool, it is that we should type code: .nav h1 {...} when it should have written type code: .nav li {...} which is the correct code


Oh, yes I remember that one. That is just the hint, it isn't the answer. It is giving you the example of "IF" you wanted to do something to the h1 elements then you would do it that way. It is then up to you to say, but I want to do something with the li elements so I will adapt that example to my situation.


i see your trick right their. we so used to the hint being plain as printed. just to ad the missing pieces. u tricky B@!%^ lol... thanks for the reminder that a hint is not as plain as seen. i would have to put my mind to work