3.Initialize your repo Need help!


For excersise 2 where you use the git init command, I type git init but nothing happens and I can't proceed. Help?


Surely something happens. What do you see, what observations are there to be made?
Git is probably telling you something, read that something and consider what could be the cause of that, consider how to verify if that's the case and then start considering what you can do about it.


After I type 'git init', I get Initialized empty Git repository in /home/ccuser/workspace/daw/personal-website/.git/. Is this supposed to happen? (Also, after I type cd personal-website, nothing happens, but the action still gets a checkmark)


Something probably happened. Read the feedback you got.

Well, what did you mean for to happen? And what does it say happened? how does that compare?


Have you done the deploy a website course before


Now that's really off-topic, and not very straight to the point either!

I'm countering with questions because you seem to have the information that you are asking for, you're just not looking at it!


I think it might be a bug, because I've done everything it's asked me to do but I can't advance ;-;


What's stopping you from moving on? What are you currently supposed to do?


Now that you're inside of your site's directory, initialize a Git repository with the following command:


Nvm looked at another thread and I fixed it. Thanks for your help though!


What thread? link us to that


that same thing happened to me, so what i did was that i just reset the whole thing and i followed the steps very carefully, and i progressed.


This is the --> Link to the thread <--


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