3. I have the same problem, it looks like this:


I have the same problem, it looks like this:

Also my browser (Chrome) setting is set as 100%.

3. Jumbotron – the error says to make the height 500px

I tried submit more times than I can count and redid the code many, many times. My code is IDENTICAL to the picture posted by methodace. Did anyone else find a different way to fix this problem, other than clicking submit several times?


If that is the case then the problem code is on line 11.

.nav jumbotron {

That selector is targeting:

  1. Any element with the class name nav. You can recheck the instructions but this exercise is not asking you to do anything at all with the nav div. It is asking you to focus on the jumbotron div.
  2. Any jumbotron element. This is an error because HTML doesn't have any elements called jumbotron. In our exercise, jumbotron is a class name, it is not an HTML element, and the way to tell your browser that is to use a . in front of the class name, like this: .jumbotron.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you have about this topic.