3. HTML Basics I: Colors


I don't even know how to do this

Replace this line with your code.


Could you please link us to the exercise? And post your code (if any)?


Not sure how to do this. (linking). I think it's when I try to paste the
proper code into the exercise. I went back to the beginning of the colors
exercise, and everything came back. I got further, this time, until it said
"did you do this certain thing" part, which I had. Rechecked the code, very
carefully, several times, so went ahead, and asked for the CORRECT code. It
was the exact thing I had typed in. When I PASTED it in, the whole screen
went blank. I think it's my pasting the code that is screwing the exercise
up. I can't check, today, because i have to go back to the beginning,
AGAIN, to get the whole exercise to come up, but I think it's my paste that
is doing the blanking. I'm a bad typist, but seriously, if I have all the
characters TYPED in correctly, I can't figure out why it's wrong. Now it
DOES make sense that pasting in the code, might screw things up.


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