3. HTML Basics I: Colors


<The image part went away, and the field is completely blank. I have not touched anything. I can’t report a bug. even. I restarted my computer, and went back to the beginning>

<Below this line, add a link to the EXACT exercise that you are stuck at.>
I don’t even know how to do this

<Below this line, in what way does your code behave incorrectly? Include ALL error messages.>


Replace this line with your code.

<do not remove the three backticks above>

Could you please link us to the exercise? And post your code (if any)?

Not sure how to do this. (linking). I think it’s when I try to paste the
proper code into the exercise. I went back to the beginning of the colors
exercise, and everything came back. I got further, this time, until it said
“did you do this certain thing” part, which I had. Rechecked the code, very
carefully, several times, so went ahead, and asked for the CORRECT code. It
was the exact thing I had typed in. When I PASTED it in, the whole screen
went blank. I think it’s my pasting the code that is screwing the exercise
up. I can’t check, today, because i have to go back to the beginning,
AGAIN, to get the whole exercise to come up, but I think it’s my paste that
is doing the blanking. I’m a bad typist, but seriously, if I have all the
characters TYPED in correctly, I can’t figure out why it’s wrong. Now it
DOES make sense that pasting in the code, might screw things up.

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