3. heritage


don't see what's wrong with my code (althought the answer displays correctly ...) the page still says : --- Oups, merci de réessayer. Il semble que votre code n'affiche pas 'J'ai des côtés !'. ---

    class Shape {
      public $hasSides = true;
    class Square extends Shape {
    $square = new Square();
    // Ajoutez votre code ici !
    if (property_exists($square, "hasSides")) {
      echo "J'ai des côtés !";


Please post a link to this exercise. We are blind without it. Thank you.




Ceci est peut-être un bug. Je ne suis pas compétent en français ne peut donc pas voir le raisonnement derrière la solution de travail.

This is perhaps a bug. I am not proficient in French so cannot see the reasoning behind the working solution.

        echo "J'ai' des côtés !";


Thank you ! It worked. Yes it looks like there s a typing mistake in the answer !


Hello, I had the same problem. We must add an apostroph, maybe it is necessary an "entry" apostroph and "outgoing" apostroph for an element into an sentence?. Thanks a lot for the solution. I have more hair :slight_smile: