#3 help


var greeting = function (Emily) {
console.log("Great to see you," + " " + name);

Here is what I have and I don't understand what's wrong. Can someone help me please


First you have to create a function:

var varName = function (parameter) {


Then, after closing your function, create greeting and set it as a string that says whatever you like. Inside your function, write a console.log(); which says: "your text goes here" + " " + greeting


I guessyou confused the use of parameters a bit. I assume that what your function should output is "Great to see you, Emily". Now the idea of a paramters is that it is a local variable to the function that get's its value trough the function call so. if you use greeting("Emily") then the variable Emily could be used anywhere in the function with a value of Emily. Now if you look at your function Emily is never used again in your function (but name is) and naming the parameter and its value the same might be confusing. So better go for:

var greeting = function (name){

Now if you run greeting("Emily") the value of name is set to "Emily" so

console.log("Great to see you," + " " + name);

prints out "Great to see you Emily".


thanks guys this helped a lot


i did just like what you wrote above but i still get the same error

Oops, try again. You did not call the greeting function. Pass it a name!


did you call the greeting function? greeting("Enter a name here");


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