3. git remote -v


I am using "$git remote -v" for the first portion of the exercise. It passes through as correct code but it does not display any files. I am getting the error message "fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git".

Thanks for the help!


Bad code checker :smile:

To open files, you do that in the centre pane, in the Code Editor. Use the little folder icon.

You don't need your git remote command until step 3.


I was getting the same issue. I just went back to the 2nd exercise (git clone) and reset it. Then I typed in the same thing: git clone science-quizzes my-quizzes
Pushed enter and then on the next exercise for whatever reason, inside the folder icon thingy, then I was able to see my files, whereas on the first time, even though I did absolutely nothing different, it wasn't showing my files in the folder icon interface. It showed files inside science-quizzes folder, but not my-quizzes folder. But when I did it all again, then they showed... Just try it all again, it worked for me. Hope this helps


That did the trick. Thanks everyone


The solution of misaishere works fine for me, Thank you!