3.Getting Input - System stuck



I've inserted the code needed in the getting input section and got a malfunction. The ststem just got stuck with no error on the screen,

Pls help


I don't know what common mistakes are in the ruby track (don't know much if any ruby, don't usually read the ruby posts), but you seem to be saying that you wrote a program that takes user input, and when you run it, nothing happens.

Sounds like It is waiting for the user, you, to give input.


I'm having the same problem. I've done what the instructions tell me, then I run it, but it just gets stuck loading it. Once it worked, but every other time it just gets stuck and nothing happens. What makes it worse is in the next lesson, I have the same problem. Don't what is going on, but I don't think it's a problem with the code, maybe the computer or the site. Or maybe just a really obvious code thing I missed.


did you figure it out? I have the same problem


Nope.. Still stuck. I guess we need somone for codecademy to help us...


Yep, same issue here....


So everyone here is having an issue with the lessons not running their code when they hit "Save & Submit"? In that case I suggest all of you to use "Incognito" mode on your computer or "inPrivate Browsing" in Internet Explorer. After you do that reset and restart your lesson from the ground up. This will reestablish the connection to the server and allow you to code with no further errors. (Not tested on FireFox, only Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer). If this doesn't help please PM me with your issue in more detail and I will help you as quickly as I can.

Thank you for your feedback and I apologize for the amount of time it has taken us to see this post.

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I got the lesson that was stuck before to work but it is doing it again in the next one. Is there anything else I can do to make it work since the incognito mode didn't work?


The only issues that arise from this have seemed to be fixed after refreshing the webpage a few times. The connection to the server connection can sometimes become interrupted between itself and your browser. Most of the time refreshing the page two-three times will reestablish the connection and allow you to submit your code. Make sure that it's not a user error as well, it's possible that there may be an issue with your code that doesn't allow you to pass the lesson.


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ok i got it:
you can only get past if you hit the save and run button --> type in your name --> and THEN click enter in order to input your name.