3. Getting Input : Submit button continuously spinning

I was waiting to reply and press Enter …But I am not able to place the cursor on the text editor for some reason …

When the question is waiting in the terminal for you, you should not be trying to put your cursor in the text editor.

When a question is waiting for you, just start typing.

Apparently not!! I have been stuck for the last 3 days in chapter 3 “Getting Input” exercise.

Have you already answered the questions waiting for you in the terminal? If you have, and are still seeing an error, then please post a screenshot so we can see what you see.

the submit button all what it does is “spinning around”, preventing me move to the next chapter. I don’t know if it is me typing the wrong info or there is something else ???

It looks like you have typed an “S” in response to the question, did you then press enter/return?

im facing the same prob but when i answer it still says its an error

NVM i didnt know i had to put my username

this is still going on!! now i am stuck. no prtscreen since it looks exactly like all the others so far. please fix this

ok i got it:
you can only get past if you hit the save and run button --> type in your name --> and THEN click enter in order to input your name.

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