(3. Functions: Global Scope) I did it right but it keeps showing an error message!


This is the exercise I am stuck on! ಠ╭╮ಠ

So I have an error message that keeps popping up and it says "Oops! The test returned an error. Maybe you have a syntax error or a typo. See full error." This is my code below.

var laundryRoom = 'Basement';
var mailRoom = 'Room 1A';

console.log('Laundry: ' + laundryRoom +  ', Mail: ' + mailRoom);


Code looks fine,Try switching to different browser. (Firefox/IE)


I'm having the same issue, only I can't even get past the part to declare the two variables. The code is right. And sorry but switching browsers is not an acceptable solution. I'm using the latest version of Chrome on a Chromebook.


this still not working with FireFox/IE ?
Could you put your code here. thanks


var laundryRoom = 'Basement';
var mailRoom = 'Room 1A';

In my last post, I said that I don't believe that switching browsers is an acceptable solution. If the modules only work in a specific browser, that's fine. But it should be stated as such. Additionally, I'm using a Chromebook, as stated before. The fact is that I can't proceed using what appears to be correct code. Browser should not matter.


Yes,Its(code) correct.
Maybe current version of chrome is having some issue with CC?

If you haven't tried another browser then you can give a try.
Cus there was some problem with exercises on Chrome, that's why I said that.
Try refreshing?


I finally got past my issue! YAYYAYAYAYY! Ok so here's how I did it!
You know the bottom reload button! Press it five times and press Get the code! Now delete the excess code and continue with your project!:smiley:


I'm not able to progress beyond the first step of creating two variables. Tried in Chrome and MS Edge. Bummer :frowning:


I logged off and gave it a couple days. Logged back in just now and tried it again without making any changes, and it passed. Seems like a strange glitch or something. Thanks for the suggestions!


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