#3 Function Syntax Idk what To do!


i dont know whats wrong with it can u plz take a screen shot of your code or (copy and paste onto reply) to help me Thanks -CarterTheBoss!


This is what my Screen Looks like, lol the how to take a screen shot tab


why wont anyone help me? they prob dont care


Alright so I'm going to break down how a function works real quick and hopefully after this you'll have a little bit better understanding of how functions work.

var exampleOne = function ( parameter ) { //The parameter will change based on what you
                                          //put in the calling statement.

 console.log("Blahzeh blah" + " " + parameter); //This will be changed to the new

exampleOne("This is what the Parameter will be!"); //This is the calling statement

Also, keep in mind that it takes a while for us to finish with other peoples inquiries, and then reply to yours. I'd wait at least an hour before posting again asking for help just to refresh and have it pop up to the top of the forums again. There's a lot of posts and only a few of us able to answer. So please don't become Impatient with us.


on your last line, you put "gretting" instead of "greeting"


ok thanks i will keep that in mind And that did the trick


How was it to find out how to screenshot :joy: noob