3- French version Issue


I have an issue : "Oups, merci de réessayer. On dirait que votre méthode parle ne prend pas correctement un argument pour afficher la bonne chaîne de caractères. "
But I can't find the mistake. The mistake is "Sorry, please try again. It seem your methode "parle" dosen't take the argument correctly to display the good caracter string.".
Can someone help me ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

var jules = {
    job: "developpeur",
    fiance: false,
    parle: function(humeur) {
        console.log("Salut, je me sens " +humeur);

jules.parle("très bien");
jules.parle("pas trop mal");


Please paste in link for the lesson :slight_smile:


Yes sorry :slight_smile:¨



See this post will help you:

Sorry I don't know french so I can't explain


Its a traduction issue so the correct method is different for the french and the English version. Thanks for the link, I can validate the code :slight_smile:


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