3 Escaping Characters


Replace this line with your code. 

'This isn't flying, this is falling with style!' please help me


The program thought hat your single quote(') for isn't was the end of your statement. Change the beginning quote to a double quote ("). Same to the end.

Also, if it still doesn't work, place print or return at the beginning.


Hey @jwarsame :slight_smile:

It looks like your code starts with "Replace this line with your code." This line is not listed as a comment, and therefore will throw an error when run, so start by deleting that. Next, replace your 's with ". Python is a very picky language down to indentation and what type of quote you used. Also make sure "please help me" isn't in there, as it will also throw an error. So fixed, your code should look like this:

print("This isn't flying, this is falling with style!")


same its exactly happening with me!!!



What is the issue with it? (Please include code and tag me.)


The string below is broken. Fix it using the escape backslash!

'This isn't flying, this is falling with style!'


plz tell me the answer I really dont understand it


If this is about escape characters, you just need to put a \ before the ' in isn't. Right now the computer think's there's a extra '. Using \ tells the computer to ignore the '.

So it'd be 'This isn\'t flying, this is falling with style!'

Let me know if this worked!


im trying it right now !




thank you (spelling error)