3. Bash Profile -- It just wouldn't pass!

Same situation here, once I opened up the nano editor, and beneath the greeting line, I typed pd=“pwd”. then I pressed ctrl + O and then ctrl + X. It just wouldn’t pass ! HELPS APPRECIATED!!!

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having this same problem! Would love some help if you’ve figured this out!

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I found that when I first opened the file it had an extra line “~/.bash_profile” above my greeting, after I deleted the that line and proceeded with the rest of the instructions, I had only two lines left: echo “Welcome, (name)” with alias pd=“pwd” underneath. After that it worked for me.

Hope this helps


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i dont undersand, because t try anymore but i’m fail. Coud somebody help me? please

HI try to create a new topic with your code and if you can a screenhot of yout code.

Have same issue, just nothing happens.

Could we get a screenshot of your whole web browser so we can see what you see?