(3/9)having problem here

what’s wrong here?

^^I’ve used- get code- so the Qs is marked^

let newYearsResolutions = [‘Rappel into a cave’, ‘Take a falconry class’, ‘Learn to juggle’];

let listItem = newYearsReesolutions[0];

Hi @sahar97n,

Check the spelling in this part:

let listItem = newYearsReesolutions[0];

All the red words in your pic is telling you where to look for the error. You just need to look attentively and carefully.

Be sure to go through your code bits by bits every time if it’s not working. That way you can learn to debug and sharpen that skill, which is a crucial skill for coding. :slight_smile:

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Ooh my bad thank you. :grinning:
I’ll be careful


@codexthon got it exactly correct.:rofl:

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