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There is a bug on this level! The code in the hint is incorrect


There should be an ending


but it doesn't except it.


Hi Sguy515,

We seem to be getting different code. For the hint, I get this:

var main = function() {
  $('.article').click(function() {

and the default code in the editor looks like:

var main = function() {


Neither of those is what you seem to be seeing.
Can you confirm that you are on this exercise?


There's no bug.
In the instructions it says "select the CSS class 'article'" which means you have to write it $('.article').
I know, some instructions they give are confusing, and it annoys me sometimes!!!

It also helps if you look inside the html as well. It might give clues on what you're missing :smile:


Lol, Ok. Thanks Btw!