3/8 help


I need help.
My code won't copy.
And it sucks, so I won't place it here.

I can't figure out #3!


There's not much to this lesson.

All it wants you to do is create a "friends" object, and give it a couple of empty object keys named bill and steve.

if it helps use the "Hint" option and it explains everything there!


I don't have any imagination.

My friends are gone.


That's why it is so hard.

I have no more friends who live near me...



It gives you the names to use just in case that happened! use the names bill and steve!


What @lolman is trying to say is that you declared the variable which is "friends". Then below the objective is to create object keys or lines that neccessarily do not have to have any code in them which is presented like this =
var friends = {
bill: {},
steve: {}