3/7 What's wrong?


confirm("Are U ready?!");
var age = prompt("What's your age?");

console.log("U can play, but on high risk!");
console.log("U can play!");
console.log("So, you are at star destroyer. Darth Vader is in your room, and he altime looking at your face. You are very scared. Brrr. What do you own? Kill him, or run?");
var own = prompt("What do you own?");

IDK what is wrong. PLZ (xD) help :smiley:


I think the reason that your code is said as wrong is because you didn't follow the directions. As it says in 3/7:
"Let's set up the scene for your story. Under all your previous code, print out the following introduction, exactly as it is written."

This was your directions. On the bottom of that, it said:
"You are at a Justin Bieber concert, and you hear this lyric 'Lace my shoes off, start racing.'"

I believe that you have to copy this, instead of doing it on your own. Follow the directions, and I believe that you'll be able to go to the next level (I hope).

Hope it helped!:smile:


THX! :smiley:
I fixed it 10 minutes after posted, but I think u helped some guys by answering me. :smile: Thank You!


//var own = prompt("What do you own?");
you should take this line off from you code. and follow the what ragezapper says!!