3/7 plz?


help me with this plz?


Yes! Could you give us more details please? Is there a part of the instruction that is unclear or that you don't know how to convert into code?


i don't get this code


I don't see any code here yet. What code are you talking about?


var myName = "Katie";
var hits = [];
var nameLength = myName.length
for(var i=0; i


@sunstormisprime Your code is incomplete, do you have more to it?


no i don't have more


Your for loop is incomplete, it needs a few things: First, something to compare i to, and that something is your variable nameLength; Second, you need to increment i, which you can do with i++; And finally, you need a closing parenthesis ) and the curly brackets to enclose the code you want the for loop running { }. Your final product should look like this:

for (var i = 0; i < nameLength; i++){