need help finding out whats wrong with my code:

class Animal(object):
def init(Animal):


Helps if you show exactly what your code looks like and explain what you expected to happen and what happened instad.


You should google python classes you need to look up how they are structured.


class ThisISClass(object):
    def __init__(self):
        self.classvar = 1
    def class_method(self, work_var):
        return self.classvar * work_var

a_class = ThisISClass()

That is how you create a class.


Hi , can you write the right code for this exercise? thanks

class Animal(object):
    def __init__(self):


A great thanks for your response.You may not beleive it : i saw your 2 answers - when i put this one(def init(self): ,, it says wrong syntax showing the : symbol ,, and when i put this one( def init(self): ) with no indents as your answer ,, it says to me : did you put the pass keyword into the body of init()? make sure you indent correcty . i'm very confused , again thanks a lot


teempe , thanks a lot , forget my last comment .I write your answer and it passed.I don't know ifther was a bug in the exercise , thank you anyway !!!!!!!


I was just about to answer. Good to know that it finally works :smile:


omg i have been killing my self trying to figure out why mine didn't work.

it's TWO underscores, i kept typing _ init _

I feel like an idiot LOL


oh my god, I met the same trouble. It takes me a long time.


*Facepalm. Me too!