3/14: Please Help! It keeps asking me to add some text between my <p></p> tags


    $('#one').after('<p>My name is Remy.</p>');


Yea but you forgot to add your tag :smile:

$('#one').after("<p> My name is Remy. </p>");


Hi Remy,

Your code looks fine to me. Are you able to pass if you refresh the page/switch browsers?

@amanuel2 That's because HTML tags get stripped out when code isn't formatted as such. I've formatted the post so you can see the code the way it actually is :)


What? His code was much diffrent when before i gave him the anwser....?


Markdown strips out HTML. So,

<p>Example text</p>

renders as:

Example text

even though they're both exactly the same thing in my post.