Did you try solving it?

I’m stuck on this too. I have no idea how to add a class constructor. Terminology is gleaned over, and there isn’t any suggested supplemental reading.

Stuck in the same too, heeelp!

This is where I’m stuck. It keeps asking me to create a dog constructor but I did. Heeelp!

class Dog{

public Dog() {


public static void main(String args) {


I’m having the same problem too.

The squiggly brackets for the class dog should open before the public dog and close after the squiggly bracket in in the public static.

i’m having the same issue, it doesn’t explain itself well enough. It’s very frustrating.

Oh, i see where i went wrong! I was including the main class inside of the dog class instead of afterwards

I could be wrong about this, but here’s what i think; the Main class is what executes when we hit run and in this case because there’s nothing going on in the { } of main the program does nothing and considers itself completed without even looking at the Dog constructor. Try moving your Dog constructor to before the main. But make sure not to put the main inside the curly brackets of Dog { }

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