// Below is the greeting function!
// See line 7
// We can join strings together using the plus sign (+)
// See the hint for more details about how this works.

var greeting = function (name) {
console.log("Great to see you," " + Julia")

// On line 11, call the greeting function

i'm not sure where the error is, please help!


Use the parameter, you have in the function - ( name ), in the console.log. Replace julia.
Theres a syntax error inside console.log


When creating functions the parts inside brackets are called parameters. They are kinda like variables. The parameter for the function greeting is name. When you call a function you will put something inside the brackets, in this case you put in "Julia". This means that whenever you use the variable name inside that function it will be equal to julia. So if you did console.log(name) it would print Julia. If you changed what you put inside the brackets, so for example greeting('Jnagle') when it reaches console.log(name) it would print Jnagle.

But you want your function to say Great to see you Julia or Jnagle or whatever name you chose. So for that you can do

console.log("Great to see you,"+ name)

Remember a variable should not have quotation marks around it. So do not put +"name" and also the plus must be outside of the quotation marks. Your code would print "Great to see you, + Julia.".