29/30 I get a pass, but program does not log anything to the console


My code is below. I've read the other threads about this exercise, but I am just wondering what the right console result should be?

I think it should be an "object" log for the typeof inquiry,
And a "true" log for the second part since objects (even the "Object" Itself) always inherently have the "hasOwnProperty" true for "hasOwnProperty" method. This is the meta part.

I just think this exercise could use more text.

// what is this "Object.prototype" anyway...?
var prototypeType = typeof Object.prototype;

// now let's examine it!
var hasOwn = Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty("hasOwnProperty");


Just refresh the browser page


You are right!
The first part: var prototypeType = typeof Object.prototype
throws an object
So the result of the last part must be true because the "hasOwnProperty" method is available to all objects

var hasOwn =Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty("hasOwnProperty");


Great, thanks for the taking the time to respond to my question.

The way you phrased your answer made clear what the meta connection should be.