[#288] 502 Bad Gateway and file upload failure



Has there been any progress with this error? I've been having the same issue.

502 bad gateway
Cant login to the Q & A
Something wrong with uploading images and logging in?

Hi @cmpisha, these 502 errors have returned and are being looked into.


To any mods that can see this, I believe that there is something wrong with the site at the moment. You may be well aware of this, but if not, I hope this can help bring to your attention.

I've noticed several users having difficulty uploading images recently, so I went to try for myself, and to no surprise I wasn't able to upload a screenshot either.

I have been trying to help someone who cannot login to the forum, and I have started to think that maybe it wasn't a problem on their end.

Thank you for reading.


My friend can log in to codecademy to work on his lessons, but he can't access the Q & A. The tab in the lesson won't connect because of BAD GATEWAY error and when he google search's it the page says he needs to login. When he clicks to log in it gives the same error. Any ideas on whats wrong?


Are you at school? High school, or middle?


We are in High School


Yea I've recently had that error a lot too. I had to go to google and type in "code academy forums" and load it that way.


It didn't work in fact he is reading this topic right now. But he can't reply or log in.


I'm in high school as well, and I had this same problem for awhile when trying to access the site. The only thing I could suggest to you is to try and temporarily disable your firewall. My teacher is not strict and allowed us to do this. If you aren't so lucky, and have a teacher who may get mad at you, do not try this. Other than this, I'm not sure of a workaround. I know it has something to do with the schools servers.


Has he done anything that might have resulted in getting suspended?


He was able to access it at home, just not at school.


Let me know if you are able to do what I suggested and if so, if it works.


Okay thank you but do you have any other suggestions on how to fix it?


Could try and get a screenshot of what your friend sees when they visit here?

Could anyone else who is having problems please click that link and see if you have a problem? Thanks.


this isn't a permanent solution, but you could try to go to Google Translate and type in "http://www.discuss.codecademy.com" and open it that way, but i'm not sure if that will even work.


You guys are using http://? Try using https:// instead.


I usually do, didn't even think haha.


When I do it i'm still logged in but when my friend does it he isn't logged in anymore or even before that he isn't logged in.


Actually you can't even type www before discuss. That throws an error for me.

this wont work: https://www.discuss.codecademy.com
this will work: https://discuss.codecademy.com


He can get to the page, he's reading the topic right now but it just won't let him reply because he can't login.