28. it is saying the same thing to me too


it is saying the same thing to me too:frowning:

28, i dont know what i am doing wrong

Start a new thread, post all of your code, your exercise number, your error message and someone will be happy to explain everything to you! :green_heart:


what are you doing? Since this needs to be 20 characters i had to wirte thi.


Here is the whole answer where we have to be mindful that, in whichever condition we set, we have to print out "I finished my first course."


JS 28, conclusion part 2. I feel as this statement should be true, could you please correct it?

var animal = "Chicken";
if (animal.length >= "mongoose".substring(0,7))
console.log("I finished my first course!")

else {
console.log("I crapped the bed")

\im sick of crapping the bed!