28 help needed


I do not what to do???

var myColor = "purple";
console.log (myColor.length);

if ( myColor.length > 3)
console.log( "I finished my first course!");

Oops, try again. It looks like you didn't log the correct string to the console! Make sure to use exactly the string shown.


The error says you didn't log, that is print the right string which from the instruction:

Write your own if / else statement.
The only instruction is that the result of evaluating the statement is a log to the console of "I finished my first course!".

Remove the space between to have console.log(myColor.length); and after the opening bracket for if.

Remove space before the start quote mark.

See if it helps!


I think that the problem is that the else is being logged to the console. Try to change the > in the if statement condition to a <.


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