28 conclusion Part 2


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Hi, I'm stuk with this code if/else, have tried many many without success. Please help!
// Not sure where to begin? Check the Hint!
if ( I'm stuck in trouble=true )
console.log(I can't see a way out here)
console.log("I'm finished my first course!")


Ok, so you were asked to write if else construction that will print out to the console "I finished my first course!".

There are two things to consider in your code.

First one, in the else statement you are printing to the console "I'm finished my first course!", to pass this exercise you have to carefully follow instructions so it should be "I finished my first course!".

The second one, because you are printing this message in the else statement the condition of if must evaluate to false. There are many expressions that are falsy, like 2 > 8, "Anne" === "Lisa" etc...


Thank you!. Now I see the point. I finally passed this level.


You're very welcome!


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