28 Conclusion Part 2



I think my brackets are in the wrong place. But its only giving me an error that states, "It looks like you didn't log anything!"

//Here is my code.  Like I said I think my brackets are in the wrong place or I have too many, but I'm not sure.
// Not sure where to begin? Check the Hint!
if("I finnishd JavaScript!".length == 19)
    console.log("Correct! Congratulations!");
} else

if("I finnishd Java!".length == 20)
    concole.log("Try again.")
 {  }


Your brackets appear to be in an incorrect format, it should look like this:

if ("I finished JavaScript".length == 19) {
  console.log("Correct! Congratulations!");

You also spelled "finished" wrong, and the phrase I finished JavaScript does not have a length of 19. It has a length of 22. In the second if statement, you spelled console.log wrong. You also need to move the brackets on the second if statement around like the example I showed you above. In the first if statement, you need to delete the else statement. The result for the first also should console.log("I finished my first course"), not "Correct! Congratulations!". You also are missing a semicolon at the end of "Try Again".


Wow, I feel silly. I was trying to do this after working a 10 hour day on 3 hours of sleep.

Thanks for the help!


You're welcome.

Happy Coding,


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