28. Conclusion Part 2 Bug Agane


hi could you tell me what is wrong in my code ??

var myKurs="10";


        console.log=(console.log="I finished my first course!");
    else{console.log="I finished my first course!"}

i get error Oops, try again.
It looks like you didn't log anything!


Hi @kamiln60

Try this :

var myKurs = "10";
var text = "my"; //.length method need a variable who has a string
if(text.length === 2){
    if(myKurs >= 9){
        console.log("I finished my first course!");
            console.log("I don't finish my first course!");


A big problem there is the way you keep trying to replace the code in the built in console object's log function by assigning different values to it, these


are all replacing the default console.log code with whatever you have put on the right hand side of the =.

To use console.log to display something in the console, you do it like this:

    console.log("Display this text");

You can restore the built in code by refreshing/reloading your web browser.