28/28 My Code Should Work


I'm looking at this code and I don't see anything wrong with it. I'm getting an error message saying that I didn't log the correct string to the console.

Here is my code:

// Not sure where to begin? Check the Hint!
console.log("This is true.");}
console.log("This is false.")}


Maybe you should re-read the Instructions:

01. Write your own if / else statement.
02. The only instruction is that 
    the result of evaluating the IF statement is
    a log to the console of "I finished my first course!".


Which one is this is it in making a website


Or is it in JavaScript


Thanks for the help Leo :smile: I have to say though, even though I know that Codecademy couldn't have known... this isn't my first time completing a course. So the substring isn't true :smiley:


This is the 28th lesson in Getting Started with Programming (Javascript)


It was in Javascript.


I just typed:

if(3-4 ===-1)
console.log("I finished my first course!");
console.log("I failed nooo!");

Just have to type "I finished my first course!" and yours will work. And my little test is complete yes it can do negative numbers.


I already finished that