28/28 I'm a terrible student


Most of the lessons will accept what you don't immediately expect. I'm junior at BYU studying computer science and I'm just using Codecademy to learn JavaScript, so naturally I try to break everything. Many of the lessons will let you pass with nonsense such as the following for 28:

console.log("I finished my first course!");if(true);else;

If you're familiar with programming concepts, go ahead and try to see if you can cheat your way through some of the lessons. Certainly makes life a little less boring.


console.log("I finished my first course!");if(true);else;

Works because the exercise checks to see if "I finished my first course!" is logged to the console. Anything after that doesn't get checked.


Actually it does check to make sure you used some kind of if/else statement. The exact limits are usually fuzzy, and it's entertaining to figure out where they are sometimes.